Friday, October 21, 2016


We are enjoying learning how to do different parts of gymnastics. Some of them are candlestick, forward rolls, walking on the beam, front support, back support, straddle, l-sit, tuck, wall climb, going over the box and landing. 

We think this is all really FUN!


  1. Room 8 I really like how you do straight legs when
    you are doing candle hold.I bet you can do candle
    hold straight ever day that you do gymnastics.
    by maee rm 11

  2. Isn't it great to have lovely new Gym equipment to learn on ?

  3. I really like the way how you did the forward rolls. You guys are even really great at the beam too. You guys are great on all the that equipment. Akhilesh rm11

  4. hi

    I like that your whole class is having fun.
    I think that when your on the beam you should keep
    you arms stratet.
    by Anika rm11

  5. Room 8 I really like how you try your best in gymnastics.I bet you can do the candle. Hodon room11