Thursday, September 24, 2015

Finished products

These are our finished games!





Monday, September 21, 2015

Finally presenting our games to our buddy class

Today we presented our games to our buddy class!

The students really enjoyed the marble run

We think Room 2 really enjoyed coming to play the games and they said they liked them. They also gave us some really helpful feedback

This was a fun game but the students said it was a little but confusing
These are personalised Learning activity books (LAB)

We asked them to try as many of the games as they wanted and to give us feedback. We asked them to tell us what they liked about it and what they thought we could change to make them better.

A card game inspired by the game 'scum'

Mrs M kept the robot for her classroom

The robot was a real hit with our buddy class

A bright, fun colourful maths game
This game is very exciting to look at with a lot of colour and illustration

These girls really enjoyed snakes and ladders

This game was pretty complex - we are still learning how to play it

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Interschool cross country

Mixing sport and literacy

On Friday students from Room 8 participated in the Interschools cross country competition.

The rain pretty much held off although everyone got very muddy. All the students had trained hard and did their absolute best on the day.

Room 8 are very proud of our cross country students and a special mention goes to Tom who came 5th in the year 4 boys.

While the students were out running, back in the classroom Alexus wrote this 'recipe for cross country'. A writing focus this term has been procedural (instructional) writing. We have written simple instructions for tasks such as 'making a cup of tea', 'playing minecraft' and we also tried writing instructions in the style of a recipe. 

We brainstormed the language that is used for ingredients in recipes and applied it to real life situations.

Here is the 'recipe' by Alexus for our runners!

A Recipe for cross country!!!

First you get a big field. 
Pour in some rain drops. 
Sprinkle muddy grasses. 
Sift in a bunch of students. 
Add in a teacher and a couple of blocks. 
Touch it with a bunch of cheering people. 
Prick with a little stitch in all bodies running. 
Combine it all together and you make an uncooked Cross Country. Bake till all students are finished.

Written by: Alexus Room8

Monday, September 14, 2015

Inviting Room 2 to try out our games.

We decided to have a formal 'games day' to show Room 2 our games. We want them to be able to have a go at all the different games and then give us feedback. It is important that we hear what they think about the games so that we can evaluate our work and check the outcome of our hypotheses.

We made invitations for the students. We looked at all sorts of different invitations to see what sort of information we needed to include. For this sort of event we decided we needed the following: 

  • A title for the event
  • The name of the organisers
  • The place
  • The date and time
  • Some information about what they can expect to happen at event
  • Illustrations or graphics to make the invitation appealing. 


Friday, September 11, 2015

Kauri team try out our games

Our games are finished, we have written out instruction sheets and we are almost ready to present them to Room 2. 

But first we decided to invite students from the other Kauri team classes to have a go at playing them and give us some feedback. Students from Rooms 9, 10 and 11 came and played the games and talked to us.

They gave us really helpful feedback. Some suggestions included 

'adding some more colour to make them appealing to the younger students', 

'making the game a bit longer as it finished very quickly', 

'making the instructions a bit clearer, they are a bit confusing'.

Thank you so much Kauri team for coming and helping us out!

It was a really good opportunity to test out our games on students our own age. We knew if they had questions then our year 2 buddies would definitly have questions!

Buddy class reading

Room 8 and Room 2 continue to read together on a Friday after lunch. We do this for about 15 minutes and usually sing a song together or do some dancing as well.

Room 8 really enjoy helping their room 2 buddies with their reading. We also enjoy reading to them as this improves our own fluency when reading aloud.