Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Term 4 Inquiry - Out and about...

This term we have been looking at what we can do when we are 'out and about'.

We have explored our school and what we can do here...sports, sketching, gardening, co-operative games, playing on the climbing frames and the tyre swing, reading...and lots more.

We have talked about everything we can do in Hamilton and made links to websites on this blog (have a look on the right hand side).

But what can we do in the wider Waikato...???

We can visit a Dairy farm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were very lucky to be invited to Mrs D's farm to have a look at how a dairy farm works.

We met Tony, Shona, Mr D and Sven.

First we went to look at the animals.

We met the horse who is called Cracker Jack

We learnt about the tractor

We met the new little goat, this goat was wild a few weeks ago and is still pretty jumpy.

Next we went to the milking shed and we walked where the cows go. The farm owner, Tony, showed us where the feed is dropped into the troughs and how the milking cups go on the cows' teats. Tony let us put our fingers in the suction cups to feel it. It felt very weird.

Some of us even tasted the cow feed...apparently it tastes like Weetbix!

Milking cups

Milking shed

Next we went and played the game that Room 10 taught us, it is called the Capture the Flag. it is a lot of fun but was hard to play as the ground was really uneven.

The last activity was the Burma Trail. A Burma trail is a rope trail through the bush, it runs over logs and around trees, like an obstacle course. 

Normally it is done at night time and you hold the rope to guide you along. You have to use all your senses to help you get through the bush.

As it was day time we used blindfolds instead. It was a lot of fun and quite tricky! We think if we did it again we would help each other more. We also realise we need to stay on one side of the rope.

Getting ready to go in

Into the bush!

Yikes where am I?

Oops, watch your feet...

Hold onto that rope!

Steady does it

Where am I going?

I'm getting the hang of this

Almost there
Trees are tricky to get round with a blindfold on!

We had a great time learning how farms work and doing exciting activities.

Thank you Mrs D, Brett, Tony, Shona and Sven!!