Friday, May 10, 2013

Leaf Art

Leaf Art - Mixing colours on PhotoPeach

Room 8's Turangawaewae Movie.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Holiday News

Here are some of the things we got up to in the school holidays.

  • Alexis went rock climbing and saw Liam and his sister, and Yusef and his brother. She could climb up using the small hand holds.
  • Niaana got some huge, juicy feijoas and gave them to her friend for her birthday party.  
  • Braden went on a mission to find a donut shop.  The mission was successful and the shop was open.
  • Ella had her birthday party. Her cousin was the mad hatter, and her mother's stilt walker was also a mad hatter and having two crazy mad hatters was a lot of fun.
  • Lance got a game called Roblox.  He built an airport and an aeroplane and he also made a  cloud which could fly through the air.
  • Lyrica went to Auckland to Rainbow's End for her cousin's birthday.  She loved all of the rides.
  • Chloe watched the go-carts.  They went so fast that they were too scary to ride on.  So she went to Time-zone and played lots of games like the Zombie games.  It made lots of noise which attracted crowds at the window. She also lost a tooth and got $3 for it.
  • Timoa watched X-Factor and saw Jessie make it to the final selection for Boot Camp.
  • Nandani's parent's had their wedding anniversary during the holidays and friends took a surprise around to celebrate it with them.  A delicious red and white cake. They also took a rose for Nandani's dad to give to her mum.
  • Laura rode on the skyline in Rotorua which was very high, and she also went on the Luge.  At the bottom of the Luge they got on the chair-lifts and Laura saw a jandal which had fallen onto the net below.  She also went to see the smelly, muddy, bubbling hot mud.
  • Lucy went to her Grandma's in Dunedin and while she was there she went to Brighton Beach.  She also moved house in the holidays.
  • Daniel went to see Iron Man 3.  He had some popcorn and Coca Cola while he watched the movie with his 3-D glasses.
  • James went to a friend's house and drew some pictures.  He also witnessed a lightning storm but he thought it was a bit boring.
  • Allyana went fishing one morning and it was so windy it blew her hat off. Her dad tried to fish it back in with his rod. He was successful.
  • Esitia went camping in Raglan.  She went fishing at the beach with her cousins and caught lots of little sharks in a net.
  • Jordan celebrated his birthday.  When Christopher got to his house Jordan invited him to have a ride on the drift trike but he was too scared.  When Jordan rode on it he nearly crashed into a parked car.  Oops. He also went on a camp.
  • Liam went to a school holiday programme and went on a bus trip to Auckland Action World.  There was a confidence course with tight-ropes and trapezes.  There was also a thing called a gladiator where you stand on a platform and try and knock your opponent off using a long pole with foam ends. He knocked his sister off. 
  • Eva went to the movies at the Base and watched the Croods.  Some parts were scary and there were funny bits too.
  • Saalihah went to Lollipops and Felicia saw her there, but Saalihah didn't spot Felicia.  Saalihah's favourite activity at Lollipops was jumping on the bouncy castle.
  • Miss Langdon did lots of gardening and ate too many feijoas.