Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mud run

A few weeks ago 5 students from our class did the 'Mud run'. They had to run through lots of mud and water and through an obstacle course. They got very very muddy and tired, but it was great fun. 

Check out the Hamilton East School facebook page for heaps more photos of the race.

Jump rope for heart

We finished our jump rope unit with a skipathon!

We had a sponsored skip-a-thon to raise money for heart research. We have been practicing so much, most morning tea and lunch breaks we got skipping ropes out.

We have learnt lots of different ways to skip and can now skip for much longer than when we started.

The hardest skipping move is double dutch. We haven't yet worked out how to do it properly, but we are working on it!

PE: Jump rope

One of our PE units this term was based on skipping skills. Erin came to school and taught us how to jump properly with the rope and how to do some different types of jumping.

We had a lot of fun learning and practicing.

We did skipping on our own, skipping in pairs and skipping with the long rope.


Our Inquiry for term two and three is called 'We can make it'. At the moment we are thinking about all the things we can make and how we make them.

Last week Edie challenged us to make something from up to 10 items from nature. We went into the playground and found all sorts of leaves, sticks, acorns and grasses. 

(We were also allowed to use sticky tape and string).

Everybody made really different things! 

Bow and arrow


A boat to Fiji with flower passengers

Bow and arrow person

A leaf finger puppet.
A teepee
A bed for leaves

Working with our buddy class...

Our buddy class came to visit us this time. Mrs M asked us to write our names in an interesting way and write down some things that we both like doing. It is nice to get to know a bit about each other.





Saturday, June 27, 2015

Parent teacher conferences

Thank you to all the parents who were able to make the parent teacher conferences! If you were unable to come today please get in touch and I'd be happy to make an appointment for another time.



Get your child to write on 'kidblog', click on 'Room 8's writing blog' on the top right of this blog. Get your child to write about anything they like...just write!

I will comment on each blog and make suggestions to improve the writing.


Please get your child to go on xtramaths whenever they go on the computer (the link is on the left side of the blog). This will help them improve their basic facts and only takes a couple of minutes.


I have added a new link to a programme called 'Read theory' (this link is found under 'literacy' on the left side of the blog). This helps reading comprehension. Your child has been given a username and password for this site.