Sunday, August 30, 2015


Our PE focus for the rest of the term is Gymnastics.

In our first lesson we learnt how to fall safely and how to do a backwards and forwards safety roll (this is trickier than it sounds).
We practiced balance and technique by passing a ball around with just our feet.


We also practiced correct jumping and landing positions between hoops.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Inquiry update!

After we worked out our big question - 

'How can we help our buddy class with their learning'  we started to work on ideas for what we would make to help them. 

We looked at different maths and literacy games and got inspiration for our own games.

We then worked on our hypothesis. 

We all wrote and published our hypotheses, come to our classroom to see them! 

Now we are ready to start making the games we have been planning!



Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kauri team Te Reo lessons

This term during Te Reo lessons we have been learning with other classes in Kauri team. Each week our teachers give 2 lessons to small groups and there are independent activities for us to complete.

We were able to choose when we attend the lesson and when we do the activities.

The rule is that we must attend one lesson from each teacher during the 3 weeks. We must also complete 4 of the independent activities.

We record which lessons we attended and which activities we completed. We also recorded our thoughts about the lesson.

We have really enjoyed learning in this way as it has given us choice and control over our learning. 

Here are some pictures from our lessons with Edie when we learnt about Maori symbols and made them out of plasticine.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stu Duval

This term we were lucky enough to have a visit from Stu Duval, he is a cartoonist.

On the first day he told us a story and drew this picture about it. 

Stu telling the story about the man in the picture and the small cross.

On the second day Stu taught us how to draw different cartoons.  Each cartoon starts with a simple letter, number or shape. You then add to it and create your picture. 

This is a zombie started with a Z
We learnt how to completely change the zombie by making his neck either thin or thick.

Here are all our zombies.

Next we learnt how to draw a dinosaur starting with the number 5. Stu calls it a Fiveosaurus!

In this picture you can see how Stu has added detail. He made the dinosaur look huge by drawing a tiny man, then he gave the picture depth by putting a horizon line and adding a volcano.

We also learnt to draw a cartoon dog, and how to make it look like the dog is walking or running.

Stu talked about drawing cartoons with a big head and how to make an evil scientist look intelligent by drawing the face half way down the head.

This cartoon shows us the difference between drawing a big head and small body or small head and big body.

Cute baby and rugby player

Baby has spilt milk

Ninja baby!

We really enjoyed learning from Stu and have been watching his video clips on his you tube channel.

Room 8 also won the picture he did, we answered two questions about his story first!

Thanks Stu!!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Running with Erin

Here are some more photos of our training with Erin.

Training for cross country

As part of our training for cross country we have been playing lots of running games and also running circuits around the school.

One week Erin from project energise came in and showed us some games.

In this one we had to find the right colour sequence under the markers and run back to Erin to show her. If we got it wrong we had to try again. It was exhausting!

First pairs to complete

'Is this right Erin?'
Next pair to complete - well done!

As we have so many people competing in the interschool cross country competition we will continue with our training. This will support our classmates and keep our fitness up!

Learning to beat box

As part of our Rad Rhythm drumming course we have been learning some beat boxing. This is our first attempt at a beat box competition!



Our Music focus this year is on drumming. We are following an online programme called Rad Rhythm

We have learnt about different beats and how we can play a whole, quarter, half, eighth and sixteenth beat.

Also we have learnt about lots of different drumming styles including mambo, drum and bass, disco, rock and many more.

Last week we even learnt to beat box!

A few weeks ago Dean came in with his drum kit so we could have a go on real drums. He showed us what some drumming looks like and then taught us how to play some beats.

Watching Dean play
We asked him to play faster!

Having a go on the 'quiet' drums

And on to the real drums!!

Cross country

Cross country in the rain

It was raining, it was pouring...but that didn't stop us!

Our amazing runners gave it their all during cross country. They slipped and slid around the track and finished wet, tired, muddy and proud.

Go go go
Even parents giving it their all!
Are we about to start or just finished??

Our year 4 students had a really tough job! They were markers. They had to stand in the rain for the whole first block while the year 5 and year 6's ran their races. They then had to run their own races!

So wet!

The final result was impressive:
First place  - Year 4 boys
First place  - Year 5 girls
Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth place, year 4 girls!!

All that training was worth the effort!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Inquiry - We can make it

Our inquiry 'We can make it' continues this term. We spent last term immersing ourself in knowledge about how to make things. 

This term we have decided that we will make activities and games to help our buddy class learn.

The BIG QUESTION is 'How can we help our buddy class in their learning?'

After some discussion, we decided that maths and literacy games are a good way to learn, this is because when you are playing games you don't really feel like you are learning...but you are!

To help us decide what to make for them,  we spent some time with Room 2. We talked to them about their learning and played some different sorts of games with them to get some ideas.


Room 2 definitely enjoy playing games. However we realise now that we are not too sure of what they need to know and what they already know...