Friday, November 29, 2013

Spy mission to Peachgrove

Moving on to intermediate school!
We sent one of our Year 6 students to Peachgrove on a spy mission to check out Peachgrove Intermediate School.  Many of the Year 6 students from our school will be going there next year. I wonder how they are feeling about the next step in their learning journey...?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hiwi the Kiwi

We had a minstrel come to our school to entertain us and teach us some important things about fishing.  Here are some of the things we thought and learned  (including some comments from our Rm 10 guests) .

That was fun and I liked how we could join in - Jayden (Rm 10)

Always remember to wear your lifejacket when you go fishing – Lyrica

Only put fresh water on salt water fish immediately before you eat it – Christopher (Rm 10)

I liked singing the disgusting song about eating bugs and having our ‘style’ guitar faces. Lacey (Rm 10)

I learnt that you are never allowed to fish in a marine reserve – Daniel D

Always take a ruler with you to measure the fish. – Esitia

Pick fish up with a wet towel so it doesn’t hurt the fish.  If you do it with a dry towel the fish’s scales might come off and you could hurt the fish - Chloe 

Take ice to keep your fish cool so it stays fresh - Saalihah.

Keep salt water fish on salted ice – Pengshen (Rm 10)

Take a ruler to measure your fish to check if it is the right size - Ella

Wash salt water fish in salt water – Alexis.

I liked it when we were doing the actions and singing to the Kaimoana song - Niaana

Friday, November 1, 2013


At our school we are having a pumpkin growing competition.  All of the classes have a plant and everybody wants to win.  In room 8 we have been researching how to grow our pumpkin and we found some information but we're not going to tell ANYBODY our secrets.  We haven't had a chance to plant it yet, and we didn't put it outside either.  But we're still going to win!  (We hope....)

Mother Duck

Children from the Kauri classes were leaping over the skipping rope; throwing javelins, balls and frisbees; and running excitedly around Putikitiki field training for athletics day when to our surprise, we saw a brave mother duck with her six ducklings making their way through all the activities.  We think this mother duck has been here before because she clearly trusts that the Hamilton East School children will look out for her and her new little ducklings.

We briefly stopped doing our jumping practice to let them get past safely.