Friday, September 9, 2016

Operetta Dress Rehearsal

The day has come! We have been busy all term preparing for the Operetta and today we got all dressed up in our amazing outfits for the dress rehearsal. Don't we all look spectacular and show ready?! Bring on the shows!


  1. Wow I love the photo. Maybe next time you can try put more effort into your smile. I wonder what costume you are going to change into next.
    Alexus.L Rm 8

  2. I LOVE our Operetta!! Also my country United States of America!! I wonder if you weren't in Room 8 I probably won't like the Operetta I have right now!! You and Ms Muller makes everything SOOOOO much different! You should've took a photo of the whole class!

    Alexus.A Room8

  3. I just love the operetta. And i like representing United Arab Emirates. I love everyone's costumes, and i loved how Ms Muller taught us some actions, and its So good that we have Jessie in our class when it comes to times when there is music and stuff like that. and its super super super super great that we have Ms D in our class and because she said that we can chose our on costumes.

    Zaria Rm 8

  4. I enjoyed your class dancing that you made?
    I hope you was impressed me running across the stage and may of made you laugh but it was a great act Mrs D. Taonga RM 11

  5. I like all the costumes but you could match the people up with the same costumes. I wonder what we will do for next operetta.
    Rm8 Charlie

  6. I really like the people's costumes and that's how I can learn about different countries
    By Kevin rm8

  7. It was really fun because we were dancing and all the people were watching us. I was so nervous, I wish we did the operetta again. I wonder how many countries there are in the world By Isabela rm8

  8. it was so cool to be in the operetta this year.
    I wish that I can be in the operetta again I going miss
    hameast school next year. tabitha